Upcoming Events

Here you can see our planned events for the upcoming weeks.

Some description for the events:

Christmas Event:
Farm socks, which can be obtained as alternative droppings. Give your socks to Santa Claus and with luck you will receive one of many gifts.
In addition, there are Christmas Chests which are also available as Alternativdropp.

Double Exp:
Double experience from 18:00 – 2:00 CEST

+20% Exp:
20% more experience from 18:00 – 2:00 CEST

Say Uriel (Map1). Questions about the server are asked on the eventmap.
Answer by placing yourself on X or O
O means yes, X means no.
The exact time you will learn the day before in the forum.

GM Search:
A team member hides and you have to find him
The exact time you will learn the day before in the forum.

Moonlight treasure chest:
Alternatively, you will receive moonlight treasure chests, which can be opened directly.
The content remains a mystery.

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